lørdag 2. april 2016


You walk your way and I will walk mine
And I will think of you from time to time,
like I often do

And I shall send you good thoughts
for all the beautiful memories...

Farewell you,
I wish you all the best 


søndag 9. februar 2014

As if you were on fire from within...the moon lives in the lining of your skin


Pablo Neruda

søndag 26. januar 2014

Visualising Fate - the whispers of the Norns

From the Norse Mythology:
Under the evergreen ash Yggdrasil, the big World-tree that symbolises the cosmos, live three sisters; The Norns of Fate. Their names are Urd, the oldest one (meaning the past, that which was), Verdande (meaning the present, what is happening/in the making), and Skuld, the youngest (meaning the future, what shall be/the unknown). They sit at the foot of Yggdrasil spinning and weaving their golden threads which are the fates of all beings, divine and mortal.

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onsdag 25. desember 2013

Gledelig Jul & Vintersolverv * Happy Yuletide & Winter Solstice

A Small Tortoiseshell (aglais urticae) 


Missing the Norwegian Summer by many months 

søndag 24. november 2013


 Stuck in the Walz 

 Moddi - Norway