søndag 31. mars 2013

Atlas Eggs

Made of the atlas pages from my old note books, some empty eggs and glue. Suddenly Italy had an Atlantic coastline, Texas rested in a rain forrest, Denmark had tall mountains, London had glaciers and Iceland was a part of Australia - And I was The Master of The World, Moahaha!!:D

fredag 29. mars 2013

Field Finds I

Field Glass

Just like the sea shores, many 
fields too contain beautiful 
old pieces of glass. Because 
they haven't been exposed 
to any salty waves and sand
the glass that you find there 
will have much sharper 
edges than
the sea glass. Still 
they are very beautiful! 
And of course; 
they too give some interesting 
glimpses into past history.


For some reason I feel strangely related to that male bowerbird underneath here. 
- apart from the love nest building, ha!;):)

mandag 25. mars 2013


To attract females into courtship the male bowerbirds build the most amazing 'love nests', or bowers, which they decorate with all kinds of beautiful things that they collect from their habitat. Everything from colorful flowers, leaf, nuts, shells, feathers, stones, berries and even pieces of glass, plastic, coins and other human made things are neatly arranged in and around the bower. Each male have their own special taste of decor and the 'ladies' visits several different males and their bowers before they decide which one has the exterior and interior that she likes the most and therefore has the honor of becoming her chosen one.

søndag 24. mars 2013

Beach Pottery

A sweet little piece from my Norwegian collection of sea pottery. I'm not sure whether the peacock is about to be eaten by the unknown person to the right holding a spoon(?) in his/her hand or if the two of them are having a romantic dinner date together... The true story behind this image remains a secret :) Fact is however, in many cultures the peacock symbolizes pride and vanity as well as renewal and immortality.

mandag 18. mars 2013

Spring Equinox 

In two days, the 20st of March, we celebrate Spring Equinox (vårjevndøgn). This is one of the only two days in the year when the length of day and night is equal - 12 hours each. From now on and until the Autumn Equinox (høstjevndøgn) in September there will be more hours of day than night in the 24 hours of the days. Here's to Spring, light and new life! 

 Painting Easter/Equinox Eggs together 
with Tale (6 years old) and her brother 
Otto (4 years old) :-)

torsdag 7. mars 2013

When everything seems messy and tangled up 
it's all about finding the loose ends and carefully untangle them. 
It's your choice;
whether you want to cut some of them off completely, 
roll them up for later,
just leave them hanging loose,
weave them together,
 simply fasten them to something with clever boating knots.

 And...sometimes Time and Patience are your best friends!

mandag 4. mars 2013

Hello Everyone,

I'm sorry it's been a while since my last blog! The function that allows me to upload new photos isn't working, and I haven't been able to figure out the problem - yet...  In the meantime I have invited this wonderful guy here to come and share a coffee with you and sing you beautiful songs while you're waiting :-)

Shine ~ Madrugada  (Norway)

Hope to be Back on Track Soon!