onsdag 9. mai 2012

~ Le Moine et le Poisson ~ 


Michaël Dudok de Wit

mandag 7. mai 2012



This one has been varnished a couple of times for protection and a smooth surface


To the filatelists, who might have choked on their good coffee when seeing the photos above: To your consolation no collectible stamps were harmed or injured in any way during this experiment. These old beauties came from a very cheap lot and they all had various damages to them before they were glued on to the boxes :) 

lørdag 5. mai 2012

~  Ramson Pesto Recipe  ~

- 2-3 litres freshly picked and washed ramsons
- Extra virgin olive oil (amount to prefered consistence)
- Parmesan (amount to prefered taste)
- Pine nuts (amount to prefered taste)
- Sea salt flakes to taste

Mix everything in a blender and fill a lidded jar with your finished pesto - Enjoy!

fredag 4. mai 2012

Ramsons ~ Allium Ursinum (you smell them before you see them :) 
Spring and early Summer is the time of the year to pick Ramsons (also called Bear's garlic because the bears treasure it so much and feast upon it whenever they have the chance - hence the Latin name)  This ancient, wild growing garlic makes a delicious addition to any salad, soup, cheese and/or bread. It also goes very well with fish, bird and meat. Ramsons can be eaten just as they are, they can be dried and used as spice and you can also make lovely Ramsons pestos. The choices are many and above all; very, very tasty! :)

Ramsons contain over ten times more Vitamin C than lemons. It is antiseptic, it boosts your blood circulation and strengthens your immune system too. No wonder the bears are so strong! :):)


Fun fact: Apparently the Native American word shikaakwa or chi-ga-ga, meaning 'wild onion' or 'wild garlic', has given the name to the largest city in the US state of Illinois; Chicago

We All travel The Milky Way together, Trees and Men... 
~ John Muir, Scribner's Monthly, November 1878 ~

Patrick Watson ~ Wooden Arms